NEWS 2013
WODZIREJKA // Martella / Teaser

26 Dec. 2013


WODZIREJKAE by Martella. Official Teaser - Enjoy!

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LIGHTHOUSE // Martella / Official

30 Nov. 2013


LIGHTHOUSE by Martella. Official video clip - Enjoy!

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28 Nov. 2013


I have honor to introduce...teaser LIGHTHOUSE by Martella. Enjoy!

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LET'S ROCK // Photo Session

10 Nov. 2013


Let's Rock studio photoshoot session.


MEDtube // Endoscopic download artery rallies



Surgery and also the promotional video - endoscopic download artery rallies. Once again, we were in the middle of the action. Implementation of Video For MEDtube.

SUNSET // Photo Session

25 Oct. 2013


SUNSET outdoor photoshoot session.


THAI BATTLE reportage // The World Games 2017

15 Oct. 2013


Last execution for the World Games 2017. It spawned a collaboration for the enterprises in Wroclaw. It is an honor to work with such a great event promotion which is 10 World Sport Games "The World Games 2017.


80'ława // on the set

15 Oct. 2013


We have just completed the project 80'ława pictures. Very interesting initiative for the city Oława which we are pleased to also participate and be a member of the project.


LIGHTHOUSE // on the set / part2

10-11 Oct. 2013


The second part of the photos to music clip Lighthose.

This time we're recording feature elements of one of the known modeling agencies SPP.



08 Oct. 2013


Video recording live performance of David Podsiadło in Eter Club in Wroclaw.


GREECE // Photo Session by Darya

19 Sep. 2013


Golden hour in Kreta / Greece.



13 Sep. 2013


WE FEEL TOO LITTLE by Ania Kłys - official video



11 Sep. 2013


Is now released...teaser WE FEEL TOO LITTLE by Ania Kłys.


SISTERHOOD // The relation of the video plan


Writing about us




Interview, CoZaTydzien and TVN on the set of our music video for the SISTERHOOD by Alicja Janosz.



3 Sep. 2013


Finally, there is! We finished postproduction process SISTERHOOD by Alicja Janosz. Enjoy it!



12-13 Aug. 2013


We finished filming the music video SISTERHOOD by Alicja Janosz. Two days on the set, almost 30 hours, nearly 100Gb, near 80 people and an incredible atmosphere. We even visited the TVN team on a film set. All promises to be extremely good. Soon ...


Coke Live Festival c.o. with ImagePRO

8-11 Aug. 2013


We are happy to be at Coke Live Festival in Krakow as an editor. We were invited by our friends from ImagePro which will work on this project. Soon we will post the video of this event.

OFF Festival c.o. with ImagePRO

2-4 Aug. 2013

We're nice, we have been invited once again by ImagePro to the OFF Festival. This time as video editor.

T-Mobile Nowe Horyzonty Festival c.o. with ImagePRO
21-25 July 2013

Once again, we are pleased to work on T-Mobile NH as a video operator. I hope that our photos will be proudly represented this great festival, especially that takes place in our city - Wroclaw.

30 July 2013

We just finished shooting for Ania Kłys debut clip in collaboration with Adam Kabacińskim for the song We Feel To Elittle. We are very pleased with the results of our collaboration on the plan. This time we invited Caroline and Matthew, to help us tell the story. Despite some accident one day before the shooting, we managed to realize it all. Keep your fingers crossed for our production.

CABATINO // Official video clip
29 July 2013

"Life is expensive and not always run straight but only trampling bold new path and taking the constant risk of failure and rejection every day, I can be myself. And when I'm me, a way of life leads me to wonderful people, inspiring collaboration and real life from the depths heart. that's one of the ways that has been a long and difficult led to cooperation Pascal LAB Production of Cabatino music production.'s probably only a small part of the way of my life that at one time will take me to the woman that you fall in love, to children who behaved and relationships that will create but this cooperation and genuine friendship with Michal Pawliszewski is a very important and exciting part of the way of my life. STREET PREMIERE oF LIFE "- Adam Kabaciński

TRADE BROKER // logo design
28 July 2013

Development and implementation of the logo for trade Broker
26 July 2013

This time we were in Krakow. we carried out another groundbreaking surgery for following surgery. We work for many years for which we prepare with the greatest precision video projects. We are preparing for further orders.

13 July 2013

Shooting for new video Lighthouse were taken in Crete, Greece. How amazing is that would take place. The mysterious ballerina played by Natasha comes from Russia. She perfectly recreates the emotions that follow the song. This is just one day of photos. Already in August, expect another day of filming for the video already in Poland. Stay tuned for news..

11 July 2013

Registration concert Ewelina Babiarz in the studio im.Agnieszki Osieckiej (Polish Radio RDC) Live

BACKSTAGE ACOUSTIC // taking photos and promotional video

One of several promotional videos, which are also a harbinger of the upcoming third album by Pascal Backstage Acoustic VIDEO Production.

ME MYSELF AND I // the documentary - Do Not Cover!

The movie about Me Myself And I recorded at the Alchemia Club in Krakow on 27th of February. It's a part of Do Not Cover! Tour.

MEDtube // Family kidney transplant - the gift of new life

Finally, we can share up a documentary film! The film is the story of a woman who decided to give up a kidney for his son. Kept pace was all the more important because the operation was carried out using the DaVinci surgical robot.
I think you should see this stuff because the subject can not really at any time affect all of us.

Me Myself & I // Official Teaser

Teaser for the curious (Official Teaser).
We would like to invite you to interesting visual-auditory experience.

MA.ŁO.MI // video clip

We are excited that we can finally show you MA.ŁO.MI video clip With Or Without You (U2 cover).

Raashan Ahmad - MC PROFESSION // documentary

Show captured in Puzzle Club / Wrocław

Interview and studio part recorded in Cabatino Music Production Wrocław


Electro Acoustic Beat Session: Marek Pędziwiatr - Keys / MCPiotr Skorupski- TurntablesMarcin Rak - DrumsAdam Kabaciński - BassJan Michalec - TrumpetWojciech Orszewski - Guitar